Our love for authenticity, our passion for nature and our adoration of the land are the basis of our philosophy of respect towards the environment, the vineyard and the wine. We make sure that our processes are as careful and natural as they can be, so that they flow like life itself.

Returning to our origins: a bohemian viticulture

At Bodega Gil Berzal we produce organic wines that embody nature, that release the essence of the land, climate and the harmonious process that produced them, whether that is a fortuitous snowfall in December, heavy storms in April or hours of lingering summer sun. These wines express what they have experienced over the year, faithful to the land that has nurtured them.

With nothing more than the natural fermentation of our grapes, with no offensive treatments or processes, using wild yeasts, the idea of minimum intervention is always present.

We want our wines to contain only what the land itself provides, with no modifications to the production process. We want the land’s true essence, the full expression of nature.

We strive for The value of nature