Land and sky. Sun and Moon

The land as a key element

We wouldn’t dream of hindering the full expression of one of the world’s best wine-growing regions. A wine’s quality is intimately linked to the soil, the climate, its people and their traditions. Cultural practices and respect for historic heritage and for nature are what make our wines so unique.


In recent years, we have harnessed research, hard work and passion to blend the vineyard perfectly with the land's natural diversity. Organic grape cultivation in our own ecosystem has in fact produced a natural defence mechanism against disease.

We have a holistic attitude to life, taking into account all those component parts that come together to contribute to our health and happiness. And, of course, we apply this philosophy to our vineyards. We use biodynamic and regenerative methods to set free the land’s natural expression and to create high-quality wines with a unique terroir. We are among the few wineries that completely oppose the use of chemical products that interfere with the vineyard’s biochemical processes and which stop us from finding the soul of the wine. Proof of this is our latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which made us the first winery in the world to achieve this certificate for a red wine.

We avidly believe that the whole process can take place using natural products that support the wellbeing of both the vine and the consumer. To do so, we produce natural plant-based substances, mineral extracts and microorganisms from our own land. This way, not only do we complete the production cycle without any external input, but we also strengthen the identity of our vineyards using the essence of the land itself. An example of this is the native yeasts that give our wine its character and distinctive undertones you can’t help but notice.

We believe in innovation and we are undertaking research projects into using plant coverage, producing new natural preparations, nurturing the flora and fauna that protect the vine, preserving clones and native varieties and following the sun and the moon’s phases. We do not use irrigation systems or exhaust plants by seeking high grape yields.

Our goal is to use great wines to show the reality of what happens each year in one of the world’s best lands.

1000 Drops of essence

Capturing the soul at every stage

Transmitting the spirit of the vineyard and our bohemian viticulture to the wine is a work of art and craftsmanship. Working with sensitivity, reverence and respect, we extract authenticity from the fermentation of our grapes and in the production of our prestigious wines.


The harvest is the most important stage. A magical moment made up of equal measures of suffering and enjoyment. We harvest manually so as not to damage this gift from nature in any way, and use small containers to avoid bruising the grapes. As we only use our own grapes, we are able to work vine-by-vine, only selecting healthy, high-quality grapes and not hesitating to dispose of any that fail to reach our high standards. Not satisfied with this initial selection, we sort the grapes again at the winery. First we eliminate any bunches that were brought in from the vineyard in error, and then we pull out any defective grapes on otherwise good bunches.

From here, the principle of minimum intervention is constantly present so that the wine can express its climate, its earth and its growth.

Earth – Bottle

We use the wild yeasts that the grapes themselves bring in from the field. There are no chemical treatments and no aggressive processes. The wine’s low sulphite content and our adherence to the rhythms of nature depend on the moon’s cycles, the biodynamic calendar and atmospheric pressure. All this combines in our concept of the Search to capture the soul at every stage.

One of the compliments we receive most often is from elderly locals who tell us that our process and attention to detail remind them of the wines of yesteryear.


Maximum quality

Having our own vineyards means we know every corner and every vine, giving us an advantage over other producers despite the greater effort it requires. Because of this, we constantly monitor what stage the grapes are at. We work the land ourselves, so we can control every inch of the vineyards and guide our work towards achieving maximum quality.